It looks like the beast has finally been slain.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Hillary has finally called it quits. I’ve been wanting to bring this up since I first heard it was going to happen last week, but I just wasn’t convinced. And even though her surrender came straight from the horse’s ass, er, I mean horse’s mouth, I still can’t help but feel it isn’t over. Think back to those ’80s horror movies and how you would think the monster was dead, but it would keep coming back. Hillary is that monster.

Anyway, here’s hoping that whatever happens in November is what is best for the country. And here’s to hoping Barack Obama doesn’t do something idiotic, like pick that bitch as his running mate.

And here’s hoping a bored Bill Clinton doesn’t pay a visit to your daughter’s prom.

-Dave Q.

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  • My parents used to abandon me a lot as a child. In the morning, they'd take me to my school and then abandon me there, until school got out. Then at night, after they tucked me in bed, they'd abandon me and go to sleep in their own bedroom. Sometimes they'd let me sleep with them in their room, but if I started playing my guitar they'd take me back to my bedroom and abandon me again. Once, they abandoned me for a whole week, at my grandparents' house.