I bought my house in the fall of 2003. It is an older home. Some may even call it’s appearance a little “dated”. So I’ve decided to address this issue. Earlier this month I began a project to update my house. The plan is to modernize it. And let me just say that it ain’t cheap. And it’s not easy.

At this point the remodeling is underway. First on the list is the master bathroom. With the help of my family, we have torn down the walls, broken up the tile, and have replaced them both with something far less hideous. Also the bathroom counter top is out and this weekend I will be refinishing the cabinets. No wonder contractors charge a crap load of cash. This stuff is hard work!

I will post before and after photos at some point. Hopefully the remodel project will be done by the end of August. I plan on celebrating with a visit to a chiropractor. :(

-Dave Q.

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  • Norm:

    Me too, just like you!
    Just finished remodeling…
    And now I’m out nine-thousand bucks…but hey, she sure looks great! Even had a custom made-on-site decorative fence just outside the front door.
    The little old lady across the street (who I don’t see very often) says, “What ya try’n ta do? Make ya place just look nicer.” “You bet!” I said, and she just smiled back, “It certainly does look nice.”

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