So I had been getting away with dressing casual at work for a while now. But those days are over. My supervisor let me know yesterday that we needed to dress more appropriately in the office. Apparently he has something against flip flops and t-shirts that promote alcoholic beverages. Kidding.

But seriously, I know he just wants us to have a professional appearance. And he’s not a bad guy or anything. He’s just watching out for us. And no, he doesn’t read this blog. Or if he ever did, I know he wouldn’t be reading it anymore. He doesn’t always get my sense of humor. Imagine that.

So now I have to start taking my clothes to the dry cleaners again. And getting up earlier to iron. And shine my shoes. Don’t get me wrong. I want to look sharp. But that’s a lot of effort to put forth when you’re just going to work. I wish there was someone I was trying to impress. At least that would motivate me.

-Dave Q.

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    FINALLY FINALLY! You have to start dressing up! I used to be so jealous of the fact that you all got to wear what you wanted every darn day of the week, while I had to strut around in my button down shirts, little skirts and high heels. Only to look forward to Fridays where I was finally allowed to be more comfortable and relaxed in jeans. As much as I know you enjoyed my mandatory business attire, while you sat back in jeans and a polo, all I can say is HA! You will get no sympathy from me.

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