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I’m the villain.

Last week at the office, I got a manager requested a second monitor for one of his users.  I told him that I could follow through on his request, but there would be a catch: I only had a 17″ flat screen monitor available.  His user already had a 19″ monitor.  I told him it was going to look a little awkward, but that it would work.  The manager said that he had no issues if the monitor sizes were mismatched.  So I proceeded to make it happen.  Shame on me.

So the guy who got the mismatched monitors apparently made some comments to co-workers regarding me and how I’m the bad guy.  At first, I didn’t give it much thought.  This sort of thing happens where, although you may try, you can’t make everyone happy.  But then I thought, maybe I’ll embrace this.  Maybe I can be the villain.  I would change my default answer on everything to “NO!”.  I could start wearing black all the time.  Maybe even work on an evil laugh.  I mean, why not give the people what they want?

The problem is that the considerate and understanding co-workers out number the drama queens like the guy previously mentioned.  And although I would love to treat the problem children with much more scrutiny than the other co-workers, I have to treat them all the same.  I have to be professional regardless if they chose to do the same.  So I guess I won’t be doing the villain thing after all.  Which sucks because I already have a good villain mustache in mind.

-Dave Q.

After an early morning meeting today, I was told that I would be doing some extensive traveling this year.  A lot of traveling.

I enjoy traveling for work.  But it does get old after a while.  I’m hoping these trips will be nicely spread out.  And hopefully a couple of these will be scheduled for maximum advantage.  I’m slated to go to Dallas, New Orleans, Tampa, Washington D.C., Boston, Woonsocket, Las Vegas, and Atlanta.  I’m hoping the trips to Tampa and Atlanta (the two I volunteered for) can be scheduled for when the Braves and Buccaneers have home games.  That would be perfect!  :)   Also, nothing wrong with a trip to Vegas.

Here’s looking forward to those frequent flyer miles.  That way I can use those miles to go somewhere I really want to go.  Like Sacramento or Jacksonville, N.C.  I owe my sisters a visit.  I wonder if Southwest flies out there…

-Dave Q.

I was recently reminded of a chat I had with my co-worker, Bonnie.  This “chat” actually took place in cyberspace.  My company has an internal instant messaging program that we use for quick communications.  Anyway, last fall I had the embarrassing experience of getting stuck in a revolving door in the cafeteria at work.  A bone-head move on my part.  Co-workers had a good laugh at my expense and I couldn’t help but laugh too.  If you could picture it, I was basically encased in space the half the size of a phone booth.  And revolving doors are made of glass so everyone got a good look at me and I got a good look at them laughing and pointing.  Eh, who could blame them?  I would have done the same thing.  Anyway, it took a couple of minutes for security to get there and free me from my captivity.

Of course, when something embarrassing at work happens to you, it spreads like wildfire.  And spread it did.  I got emailed about it.  Some calls.  A couple of texts.  All giving me a good ribbing.  It was about the time I got the last text when Bonnie instant messaged me.  So I decided to have some fun with it…  ;)

Bonnie is sharp.  But she is also very trusting.  So, yes, I did feel bad about it afterwards.  But not bad enough to not take a screenshot of the chat and share it with all of you.

On a side note, Bonnie is going to be performing at The Cove off of Cypress & Main on Friday night.  I really wish I could be there to support her on her big night, but I will be out of town.  I hope someone takes some video of the event.  I know she will do great!

Good luck tomorrow night, Bonnie.  And I hope you forgive me someday for posting this.  :)

-Dave Q.

Today, the homosexual community is banding together and calling into work “gay”.  They are callin it a “Day Without A Gay”.  I hope they accomplish whatever it is they are trying to do.  I think people already know how important it is to show up to work, whether you are gay, straight, crooked, whatever.  Especially during these tough economic times.  A pretty bold move to risk one’s job like that.

Anyway, the list of potential gay jokes is endless here.  I won’t even bother.  But today would not be a good day to be sick.  Or to have an emergency.  Because if you miss work today, I’m thinking people will be questioning your sexuality.  “What’s that, Tom?  You had to have an appendectomy??  Right…..”

-Dave Q.

As of late, I’ve been feeling kind of sluggish at work.  Especially after lunch.  You know what I’m referring to.  Those lunch induced comas?  I know you’ve been there, too.

So while chatting it up in the office, my buddy Horbi said he was feeling like that too, but started feeling better after he started taking some vitamin B.  He has a big bottle on his desk and told me whenever I wanted one, to just help myself.  So I started taking them and I did feel better.  Maybe it’s all mental.  But I am definitely making it through the day easier.

So on Friday, sometime after lunch, I realized I hadn’t taken my daily vitamin B pill.  I went into the office and saw Horbi at his desk with his earphones on.  He loves his music.  So I just walked up to his desk to grab the bottle.  Horbi kind of jumped up when I got the bottle.  I guess I snuck up on him.  I told him I was getting some vitamin B and we started chatting.  Then I glanced at his computer screen…

“Um, Horbi?”, I said.


“Are you watching ‘Ugly Betty’??”


So for the rest of the day I was giving him a pretty hard time about that.  Not that dudes aren’t allowed to watch ‘Ugly Betty’.  It’s that dudes shouldn’t watch ‘Ugly Betty’!  Apparently he watches ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, too.  To each their own.

But God bless the internet.  With the ability to watch pretty much anything online, it’s hard to blame Horbi for watching shows that cater to a female audience.  Wait.  Yes it is.  I do blame him.  What the hell, man?!?

-Dave Q.

Today is Sysadmin Day. A day for everyone from all aspects of IT to get some props for a job well done. So far today I have gotten one ‘thank you’. I guess most of the population is still in the dark regarding this glorious worldwide holiday. Not a problem. I’m not going to hold a grudge. However, I can tell you the problems the people in my building will suddenly have when trying to login after lunch is in no way related. :)

Anyway, to all my IT brothers and sisters out there, I wish you all a Happy Sysadmin Day. And by all means, spread the word. Maybe in the future we can come in to work on this day and be showered with gifts, desserts, and all kinds of crazy love. If not, then we will just disable their user logins.

Time for lunch…

-Dave Q.

I have been really bad about blogging lately. And I know my loyal readers (Max and Murphy) are pretty upset at the lack of material posted. So I apologize. I blame it all on traveling. You see, I’ve been on the move quite a bit lately.

Right now I am in Orlando for work. Mickey Mouse land. And it has pretty much sucked. I am working at a hotel and convention center on Disney property. Yet, my first visit here has been less than “magical”. Lots of work. Little sleep. Muggy weather. Mediocre food. But I did see Donald Duck perform a wedding ceremony. No joke. Cool and disturbing at the same time.


But you know what? It’s all worth it, especially when the Spurs pull off a Game 7 upset victory!! As tired as I have been, that win last night completely recharged my batteries. So things are looking up. Not to mention another day here is another day closer to getting back to San Antonio.


Right now things are much slower for us. Proof being my buddy just got mad at me because I didn’t continue playing his game on his laptop when he got called away, resulting in his pirate ship getting destroyed by an armada. Thanks for that,

Can’t wait to get back home. Sleep in my own bed. Eat my roommates food.

-Dave Q.

Horbi and I ate lunch on Friday at Willie’s Icehouse. For those that don’t know, it’s basically a burger joint. So as we’re sitting there in the middle of lunch, our waitress informs us that our meal has already been paid for. We both looked at each other confused and asked her to elaborate. She said that a patron on their way out went up to her and asked to pay for our ticket. We pressed for as much information as should could give us, but at the end we were left scratching our heads. We know it was a guy with a shaved head. We did get a name from the credit card receipt, but neither of us recognize the name. So, who the hell was it? And why pay for our lunch? And why do that and just leave?

I have some theories. All of which involve Horbi and some shady past he doesn’t want to tell me about. Don’t get me wrong. I trust Horbi, if that is his real name. But if the Puerto Rican version of the CIA is hunting him down like Jason Bourne and toying with his mind by buying him random lunches, the I don’t want to get caught in the crossfire! Then again, it is a free lunch.

I think we may have to test this out by going to some pricey place for lunch this week. Maybe the PR black ops guy will send over dessert.

Horbi hurt his back this weekend. Get well bro.

-Dave Q.

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