Ok.  I’m not entirely sure what this is.  Or what the word even means.  Is it Italian?  Anyway, a fellow blogger has “tagged” me with a meme.  And from what I gather, it is a challenge of sorts.  Or maybe more like a dare to see if I will follow through.  I don’t know.  I’m probably way off with this.  I will Google it later.

Anyway, this individual who tagged me is such a wholesome, innocent person, that there really isn’t anything risque about the tagging.  All I have to do is list 5 things I consider fabulous.  I think this sort of thing is reserved for girls and that is why I am not expected to comply.  Screw that.  I’m comfortable in my manhood.  Let me tell you what I think is fabulous:

  • Tickets to a San Antonio Spurs game. Not much more fabulous than that!  But I can’t use that word anymore.  From here on out “fabulous” will be substituted with “Bad-ass”.
  • Sweet tea. I abondoned drinking all forms of soda in 1999 (no joke, long story).  So there is nothing non-alcoholic more bad-ass than sweet tea.
  • HD Television. HD is bad-ass!  I can’t even look at regular television anymore.  How did I ever live without HD?!?  Seriously.  Everything looks so blurry and pixelated.  If you haven’t jumped on the HD band wagon, I’ve got 2 words for you.  “ALL ABOARD!”
  • Fantasy Football. Despite the fact I am having a crappy year (again), there is just something so bad-ass about beating your friends and stomping on their hopes to win the league.  Ah, yes.  It’s good to celebrate a victory with a tall cold glass of sweet tea.
  • Thanksgiving. I saved this one for last because what makes Thanksgiving so bad-ass is the moment to stop, look around and appreciate your family and loved ones, and thank God for how bad-ass they are.  And turkey legs and pumpkin pie have a certain “bad-assness” about them.

So, that’s that.  If that’s not the most fabulous bad-ass list possible, then I don’t know what is.  In fact, I can go on, and on.  But all that is what’s apparently on my mind right now.

So I was on my way to look up “memes” on Wikipedia, but I guess they are doing some maintenance or something.  Oh well.  Maybe it’s better if I don’t know.

-Dave Q.

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