I have asked this question about a million and a half times.  Why on God’s green Earth would Brad Pitt pick Angelina Jolie over this??  Look at her!  I mean, DAMN!  Jennifer Aniston keeps getting hotter and hotter.  And this has got to be hands down one of the sexiest pictures I have ever seen.  Smokin’!!

I have nothing against Angelina Jolie.  Obviously she is easy on the eyes.  But I would take the wholesome, girl next door that is Jennifer Aniston over the mildly freaky Angelina Jolie.   Plus, Angelina got with Billy Bob Thornton.  So that is some serious negative points right there.

-Dave Q.

8 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston on the cover of GQ”

  • I liked him with Juliette Lewis. They seemed much more suited for each other.

    I think Aniston is cute but she’s tres airbrushed here. Jolie is skinny but she is a natural beauty.

    Just goes to show it’s not about looks, huh?

  • Babs:

    AND she made out with her brother


    I was always a Jennifer fan. Brad’s a dumb @$$

  • Dave Q.:

    @Babs, Yup. And din’t she used to carry something around her neck with blood in it??

    @Dimplz, I didn’t know he was with Juliette Lewis. Goes to show how much I pay attention. And you’re right about looks not being everything. But it’s a good starting point. ;)

  • I think her arms look a little awkward….but I know you’re probably not looking at the arms.

    I hope I look like that at her age!

  • Dave Q.:

    @Transplant, Arms?

  • MFT, because of the way she’s covering her boobs. Btw, you will look just as good because you won’t need airbrushing. ;-)

    DQ- True. Good looking people do have it easier.

    PS Been following Brad Pitt since I saw him on “Growing Pains” and thought he was hot.

  • Mike:

    I’ve always thought Jennifer Aniston was incredibly hot. You may consider this post very much appreciated by me.

  • HBee:

    I’m so glad that you say so! My opinion of Brad Pitt went way down when he chose Angelina over Ms. Aniston! Jennifer is defn. hot!

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