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I just heard that the Miss USA pageant was this past Sunday. That’s cool. I had no interest in it. That is, until I saw all this! Yowza!

Apparently someone had the truly awesome idea to make the 50+ participants of Miss USA sexy with this photo shoot. The theme here is “Waking up in Vegas”. Always a good place to wake up at. I don’t recall a beauty pageant ever achieving this level of sexy… ever! And wait until you see the pics! Especially Miss Virginia and Miss Wisconsin. Damn! I know a few people who will be getting new desktop wallpaper because of this. Anyway, the sad thing is of course that women all over the world are going to start pulling the sexism card… again. Also sad, they probably weren’t actually be dressed like this for the actual pageant. Oh well.

Despite all that, I applaud you, whoever it is that runs Miss USA (Trump?). Your move, Miss Universe.

-Dave Q.

Let’s see.  You’re stranded 10 hours over night at Pittsburgh International airport.  You’re pretty much alone there.  And you have a video camera.  What do you do?  You kill time.  And you get it all on tape!  Hey, it fights the boredom, right?


With all the traveling I have on tap over the next month, I can easily see myself being put in a similar situation.  Would I do some of this stuff?  Probably. Would I take video of it?  Don’t think so.  In fact I would avoid video all together.  Other than of course the video from the security cameras that would probably get me on some kind of “no fly” list.  :(

-Dave Q.

So am I to believe that after all these years of avoiding watching American Idol, that girls that look like Katherine McPhee have been the contestants?  If that’s the case, why didn’t someone tell me?

I Googled Katherine McPhee and apparently she didn’t win American Idol the year she was on there.  WTF?  Are you serious???  How can she not have won?  I mean…. look at her!  It saddens me to think what this country has come to.  It just isn’t the American way to have someone this hot not win a singing contest.  ;)   If I were Simon Cowell and Katherine McPhee came in to audition looking like this, I would have immediately handed over the trophy and asked her to marry me.

-Dave Q.

Now here is a cause I can get behind.  :)

October is here.  And that means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. And it’s times like these that I feel I should speak out.  You see everyone, few causes are as important as this one.  You want to Save the whales?  That’s great.  But let’s save the boobs first, got it?  Priorities, people!

You want to hug a tree?  That’s cool.  Me?  I’d rather hug boobs.  And I think I speak for every man and woman out there that boobs take priority over trees.  So, to hell with the trees.  Save the boobs!  This cannot be ignored!!  If that means other causes have to be put on the back burner, so be it!  Priorities, people.

What about PETA?  Hmmm…  no.  Save the boobs, damn it!  I hope I am getting through to everyone.  This is absolutely of the utmost importance!!  Don’t ignore this plea.  To illustrate how motivated I am about this, I will offer free breast exams as long as there is something in writing that I can’t be held accountable for anything.  I am just trying to help here.

A world without boobs is a world I don’t want to be in.  

-Dave Q.

The video that is, not the boobs. It matters not if the boobs are real.

-Dave Q.

I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks.  Not because I haven’t had anything to say.  But maybe because there has been too much to say.  Does that make sense?  Probably not.  Let me just say that life has been a 120mph rollercoaster lately.  Nothing bad.  Actually good things.  Just very busy.

Anyway, so let me get back into te swing of blogging.  And share with you all something I found online.  This is a 1970 ad from Subaru.  Read the whole thing.  Almost reads like something out of a romance novel.  Uh,…  at least I imagine it would be like this…

I know most people out there are disgusted with it.  But I think it’s pretty damned funny!  It’s amazing how different things were in the 70s.  Maybe I find it amusing because of how politically incorrect I am to begin with.  Who knows.

If any females out there are truly offended by this ad, maybe you should ask yourself this:  Are you a spirited woman?  And do you yearn to be tamed?

-Dave Q.

I have asked this question about a million and a half times.  Why on God’s green Earth would Brad Pitt pick Angelina Jolie over this??  Look at her!  I mean, DAMN!  Jennifer Aniston keeps getting hotter and hotter.  And this has got to be hands down one of the sexiest pictures I have ever seen.  Smokin’!!

I have nothing against Angelina Jolie.  Obviously she is easy on the eyes.  But I would take the wholesome, girl next door that is Jennifer Aniston over the mildly freaky Angelina Jolie.   Plus, Angelina got with Billy Bob Thornton.  So that is some serious negative points right there.

-Dave Q.

I don’t know what the heck this Campari stuff is that Jessica Alba is drinking, but if it makes all girls look that hot, then someone needs to start loading these into vending machines.  And water fountains!  Did’t she just have a baby recently?!?  Damn!

And for the record, I know her chest wasn’t that big before.  At least, er…. that’s what I’ve heard.  :)   So do we have the drink to thank for that, too?

-Dave Q.

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