So my little sister was in town this past week from San Diego. She and my parents call me to tell me they were going to dinner and if I would like to come along. I figured I could go and spend some quality time with the family and enjoy a glass of water. Nope. I caved in. But my rationale is that how often is my sister in town? That we all get to hang out and have dinner? It’s not my fault she came during Lent. It’s her fault. :)

So anyway, I ate Saturday night. I didn’t eat red meat or drink iced tea or alcohol.  But I did eat after 5pm.  But I’m hoping by picking up the tab that I made up for my mishap. 35 days to go. Damn I want a cheeseburger.

-Dave Q.

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  • I think a good novel would be where a bunch of men on a ship are looking for a whale. They look and look, but you know what? They never find him. And you know why they never find him? It doesn't say. The book leaves it up to you, the reader, to decide. Then, at the very end, there's a page that you can lick and it tastes like Kool-Aid.