I got this video emailed to me from a friend up north. Very funny, I guess. I figured I would put this up so those that know me would get a good laugh. And those that don’t know me can watch an overall horribly put together video. Awesome special effects? No.

You know how there was a Bizarro Superman? Basically a version of Superman from another dimension. Similar to the Man of Steel in some ways, but vastly different in others (Bizarro Superman was a villain). Point being, this is the Bizarro David Quesada. By watching the video, you can see that we share similarities. We have the same name. We both “dabble” in IT. And we both have friends we have to protect. But there are some distinct differences. Such as his superior physique to my own. Oh how someday I want to look like the Bizarro DQ. Dude has gotta be doing triathlons twice a month.

-The Real Dave Q.

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  • I think a good novel would be where a bunch of men on a ship are looking for a whale. They look and look, but you know what? They never find him. And you know why they never find him? It doesn't say. The book leaves it up to you, the reader, to decide. Then, at the very end, there's a page that you can lick and it tastes like Kool-Aid.