In approximately 3 weeks, Ash Wednesday will be upon us.  And for good Catholics everywhere, that kicks off the season of Lent.  This gives opportunities for bad Catholics like myself to step up to the plate and try to make up for, well,  being a bad Catholic.  I usually try to take on as many acts of penance as possible because of this. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.

I started considering what to sacrifice about a week ago.  And I haven’t come up with anything concrete.  In the past, I’ve given up red meat and sweet tea.  Those were pretty rough.  Also I went a more traditional route one year and fasted after 3pm.  That sucked big time.  But right now, I am having no luck on coming up with new ideas.  I guess I can recycle these old ones (like I did dressing up as Indiana Jones for Halloween 3 years straight).

So I am asking for suggestions.  Some friends have given me a couple of ideas that aren’t bad, but I need more.  And once I get 4 or 5 solid ideas, I will put up a poll and let you all decide what I should do.  So basically 6 weeks of misery will be in your hands.

I hope to have the poll up by this weekend.  So leave a comment with your idea.  And please,… be gentle.  :)

-Dave Q.

4 Responses to “Lent is looming.”

  • Wow, you’re really thinking ahead. I haven’t even thought of it yet. How about praying a rosary a week for someone(s) special?

  • Kari:

    How about volunteer work? Commit to a certain amount of hours and try to reach it. Pick to volunteer at something you have never done before like the animal shelter or battered women’s shelter (that can be life altering).

  • Is it that time already? I haven’t thought about what I’ll give up this year…probably the same thing I’ve given up the past two years- sweets.

    Now that I’ve read the last two comments giving up sweets sounds pretty lame. Those will probably make you a much better Catholic.

  • My senior year of college, I, for some reason, thought it would be a GREAT idea to give up alcohol for Lent. Yeah…I don’t know what I was thinking, either. And to make things even more insane, last minute, I ended up going on a trip to Vegas for Spring Break, and ACTUALLY DID NOT CONSUME ONE SINGLE DROP. Surprisingly enough, I had a great time while I was there without drinking, and had PLENTY of dirt on the people I went with who spent most of their days hung over next to the pool! ;)

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