Shocked? Are you really? Me neither. I guess he wasn’t ever that good.

My hope is that with America facing tough economic times, that of all the professional sports leagues out there, I hope baseball feels the biggest pinch. Nothing but overpaid cheaters in the game. They can all suck it. Suck it, A-Rod! Suck it Barry Bonds! Suck it, Roger Clemens! Can you tell I’m bitter?

The day I have kids, I hope there will be a sport that has players they can look up to. So far with the MLB and NFL no doubt having steroid users, and the NBA with their rapists (led by Kobe Bryant), I’m hoping they will get into tennis.

Should have known someone who slaps while running to first base wouldn’t be man enough to play the game right.

-Dave Q.

4 Responses to “A-Rod a cheater. I feel shocked.”

  • Babs:

    agreed. agreed with it ALL!

  • I am not a Yankee fan anyway. Boy, that “Yankee Years” book is sold out at work! We have 200 on order from customers alone. We can’t keep it on the shelf.

  • Mami:

    Shocket! I don’t know why! He is all the way a cheater. First he betray his fans because he is doing “steroids and…” then he betray his wife leaving her with his two little ones, the youngest with the age of 8 months old for that woman called “madona” that made my estomach sick. So now is his turn; don’t ever forget this: “eye for eye, tooth for tooth”

  • Mike:

    Nice. Yeah, most of them out there are crooked. When you make millions of dollars a year, you can do that. The rest of us can’t afford to pay people off. :-/

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