I’ll be honest.  I didn’t listen to the big speech last night.  I had more important things going on (Spurs-Mavericks game).  But I figure this is pretty much what Obama said:  Things are pretty bad.  Things will get worse before they get better.  This is not my fault.  Vote for me in 2012.

The doom and gloom will be around for a while.  Hopefully we come out of it sooner rather than later, but we should be prepared for the worst.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good sense of humor!  How, you may ask?  Send all your friends that voted for Obama some ’stimulus’.  You can check out this website.  Pun intended.  :)

-Dave Q.

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  • If I lived back in the Wild West days, instead of carrying a six-gun in my holster, I'd carry a soldering iron. That way, if some smart-aleck cowboy said something like 'Hey, look. He's carrying a soldering iron!' and started laughing, and everybody else started laughing, I could just say, 'That's right, it's a soldering iron. The soldering iron of justice.' Then everybody would get real quiet and ashamed, because they had made fun of the soldering iron of justice, and I could probably hit them up for a free drink.