I’ll be honest.  I didn’t listen to the big speech last night.  I had more important things going on (Spurs-Mavericks game).  But I figure this is pretty much what Obama said:  Things are pretty bad.  Things will get worse before they get better.  This is not my fault.  Vote for me in 2012.

The doom and gloom will be around for a while.  Hopefully we come out of it sooner rather than later, but we should be prepared for the worst.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good sense of humor!  How, you may ask?  Send all your friends that voted for Obama some ’stimulus’.  You can check out this website.  Pun intended.  :)

-Dave Q.

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  • I remember that one fateful day when coach took me aside. I knew what was coming. 'You don't have to tell me,' I said. 'I'm off the team, aren't I?' 'Well,' said coach, 'you never were really on the team. You made that uniform you're wearing out of rags and towels, and your helmet is a toy space helmet. you show up at practice and then either steal the ball and make us chase you to get it back, or you try to tackle people at inappropriate times.' It was all true what he was saying. And yet, I thought something is brewing inside the head of this coach. He sees something in me, some kind of raw talent that he can mold. But that's when I felt the handcuffs go on.