14 days to go. I’m doing pretty good. I have avoided all alcohol, which hasn’t been easy. I’ve had plenty of temptation thrown my way in the form of Happy Hours, a bachelor party, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Attending all without giving in to the surrounding booze. Again, I’m not a big drinker, but it’s so easy to order a drink when all your friends have one in hand. So if there is anything going on right after Easter, let a brother know.

And everything else has been good, too. No iced tea. No red meat (KILLING ME!). No eating after 5pm. And going to church on Sundays. And so far, no bad side effects. :)

By the way, is it normal to have a dream about a ribeye? In my dream, I’m basically chasing a ribeye with fork and knife in hand. The ribeye is begging for mercy, running around screaming. Unfortunately, I wake up before I could get to the ribeye. But the dream will be a reality in two short weeks. Run and hide, ribeye. Run and hide.

-Dave Q.

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  • Cassie:

    David, I have to say I am impressed with your willpower. Well I don’t know about any drinking nights ( I don’t know if you could keep up with me :) but after Easter we should go get lunch and hook you up with some sweet tea and red meat!! Good luck on your last two weeks.

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