Wow. I have had the worst luck lately trying to get a new passport. Every time I go, there is something that keeps me from closing the deal. I to the post office yesterday to file the paperwork, only to find out that they require you pay with a check. And then just a little while ago I went, but they closed the office for lunch at noon. Damn.

I’m planning on doing some traveling this summer. I will be in Las Vegas next month, possibly Costa Rica the next (depending on the turnaround time on the passport), Spain and Portugal in July, and then New Orleans in September. It will be a little nuts, but I’ve been saying for years about how I want to travel before I have further responsibilities, like kids.

I will not rest for one second until I get this passport situation resolved!! But for now I’m gonna go get a bite to eat. By the way, you know it’s about $100 for a passport? And to get it rushed, which is what I may have to do for Costa Rica, is about $100 more? So $200 for the passport. You damn well know I’m going to travel. And I better have a good time doing it.

-Dave Q.

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  • :

    Why are you going to Spain and Portugal? You should wait until Neal and I get orders there! :) That way you’d have a place to stay and a tour guide you won’t have to pay for, unless you’d want to of course. lol! :)

  • Cassie:

    Well I’m very jealous. Maybe you could sneak me in your suitcase. :) I will start my diet today. Anywho good luck with the passport, I have been there done that I know it can be a pain. I’m sure everything will work out fine.

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