Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox kissed on the season finale of “Dirt” Tuesday night. What is “Dirt”? Damn good question. I guess it’s a show that one of them is on now. And apparently it’s not doing too hot if they had to bring in the big guns and show a kiss between these two. This had to easily be the most watched episode of “Dirt” ever. But after hearing so much about it, and then finally seeing it, I have to say it sucked. See for yourself.

Seriously? That’s it? That’s what the big deal was? There was nothing sexy about it. I got more of a kick when Jennifer Aniston played grab-ass for a second on Courtney Cox.

So we can easily come to the conclusion based on this episode, that the season finale for “Dirt” was probably in fact the series finale. Because if you can’t make a kiss between Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston smoking hot, then you obviously are in the wrong line of work. I mean, how easy is it to make that scene hot? And they blew it? Wow.

-Dave Q.

2 Responses to “That Was It? That Was The Kiss??”

  • lyn:

    Ilove the Braves and the Falcons! People always tell me that I like losers, I say, wait and see… They are making strides and I will always be a fan…

  • :

    Hmm… I wasn’t impressed either and I’m straight!

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