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My shoulder is killing me.

I saw the writing on the wall a few years ago.  The clear cut sign that I was getting old.  You know what that was?  Here it is:  When you can’t do a physical acitivity anymore without taking the time to properly stretch.  The results of not stretching being about 3 days of soreness.  Wow.  I remember the days when I could jump up and do just about any activity on a whim and not worry about the consequences the next day.  I miss those days.  Getting old sucks.

So a couple of weeks ago I “tweaked” my shoulder making a throw while playing softball.  It didn’t seem like much at the time since I always seemed to have a sore arm after every game.  Usually after two days, that was the end of it.  No more pain.  But here we are almost exactly two weeks from when I first hurt it and it is still hurting me.  So much so that sleeping has become a problem when I roll over on it.  So I am looking to make a doctor’s appointment today and get it checked out. 

Now, I’m a fairly active guy.  I run.  I play basketball.  I play softball.  I bike.  I think that might add up to doing more than your average 31-year-old.  I do those things because I enjoy them.  Any benefits, like staying in shape, are just bonus for me.  So needless to say, if the shoulder is bad enough that I have to cut out a couple of those activities, I’m going to be miserable.  Especially since I already paid the fee for softball and we were only two games into the season.  Getting old really sucks.

We’ll see what the doc says.  Hopefully I just need to rest it.  By the way, I have friends that have told me to ice it down and to apply some heat to it.  Or vice versa.  Something like that.  Well, that sounded like a lot of work.  So I did the next best thing.  Icy Hot.  Makes sense, right?

-Dave Q.

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