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I remember blogging a few months back in disgust in how the Spurs were playing.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would be hoisting up the Larry O’Brien trophy this year the way they were playing back then.  But in the end they made me proud, got their game faces on, and played their asses off!  Nice!

2007 NBA Champs!

And I’m especially happy for Michael Finley, the former Maverick that was cast away by Mark Cuban.  Fin came to San Antonio looking for his first championship.  And after the way the Spurs lost to the Mavs last year, it served as motivation this year not only for him, but for his teammates.  They wanted to win this as much for him as anyone.  Congrats Fin!  And what can you say about Big Shot Rob.  His seventh championship!  The dude is like a lucky rabbit’s foot!  Hell, just keep him around for his mojo.  He doesn’t have to play any minutes!  As long as he’s around, you’ve got a chance.

I wasn’t expecting a sweep.  With all the hype about LeBron James and all.  He looked like he was in over his head at times.  But I have to give him props, the guy was a class act through the series.  In a time and age of “me first” prima donnas, this guy gave credit where credit was due.  And he carried his team as much as he could.  I compliment him on that.  But this time it just wasn’t meant to be.  Maybe next year, LeBron.

New Nike LeBron Campaign

-Dave Q.

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