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So my week started out ultra-bad. But it’s Friday, and things have finally come together. My good friend Nick, who has more connections than the Verizon wireless guy, came through in the clutch. He pulled some strings and got my A/C repaired for much less than I was anticipating. So I owe him… again. A/C never felt so good. I stood right below the vent in my room until my natural body thermometers told me it was cold. And it was worth it.

Second, those clowns at Time-Warner came out a couple days earlier to fix my internet. It was rough not having that for a few days. You don’t realize how dependent you are on internet until you can’t have any. Kind of like sweet tea. Or air.

And finally, the Spurs came out victorious in Game 1 of the Finals last night. My buddy Brian nearly predicted the exact outcome. He told me yesterday, it would be close at halftime, the Spurs would pull away in the 3rd quarter, and the Cavs would trim the lead in the 4th, but not catch the Spurs. So when I came in this morning and gave him props by pointing out all those things, he tells me, “But I did say they would win by 10, and I was wrong about that.”. That caused me to roll my eyes, since the Spurs won by 9 points. So since he was off by a point, I am giving him a disadulation.

I’m very close to getting over my cold. I’d say by Sunday I should be over it. I’ve been coughing so much lately and my throat is so raw, that when I talk it sounds like I’m channeling Barry White. So maybe I should hit a karaoke bar tonight…

-Dave Q.

Spurs. Cavaliers. 2007 NBA Finals. Ahhhhh yes! Here’s hoping for another championship!

As bad a week as I’ve had, a Game 1 victory for the Spurs would make me feel sooooo much better. :) Let’s get it on!

-Dave Q.

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