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Earlier in the year, my Dad expressed to me an interest in starting his own blog.  I thought this was a great idea!  So I bought him his own domain name, installed the latest version of Wordpress, and then off he went.  He hasn’t done a whole lot on it, but nevertheless, I am proud to see him give it a shot.  Seeing him with his own blog is kind of like getting a text message from your parents for the first time. :)

Anyway, if you want to check it out, you can give it a look at    I feel I have to warn you that he is “old-school conservative”.  And I know there may be a time when he posts something that may hurt the feelings of extreme politically correct types.  But at the same time, I can guarantee you he will always keep things tasteful and classy.  In other words, nothing like my blog.  ;)

I’m proud of you, Pop.  Say nice things about me…

-Dave Q.

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  • The tired and thirsty prospector threw himself down at the edge of the watering hole and started to drink. But then he looked around and saw skulls and bones everywhere. "Uh-oh," he thought, "this watering hole is reserved for skeletons."