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Both my grandmothers reside in Costa Rica.  So you can imagine when they both unexpectedly encounter health struggles how quickly my family and I want to get over there for a visit.  That is the case right now.  My Grandmother on my Father’s side has been getting treatment on her issue.  And she is responding well.  She is a fighter and I have no doubt she will come out of this with flying colors.  She is extremely close with God, so I know He is on her side.  That is comforting.

My Grandmother on my Mother’s side is having her own issues.  That is me and her at my little sister’s wedding in the pic above.  I spoke with her on Wednesday and she is in extremely good spirits.  She has a contagious laugh that once I get her going, she can’t stop!  And then I can’t stop!  :)   My Spanish may be horrible, but you don’t have to translate laughter.  And despite the language barrier, she gets me.  She knows what I’m trying to say.

Apart from my immediate family, all my relatives live in Costa Rica.  I have had a different experience than most growing up in that I couldn’t just go to Grandma’s house for the weekend, or go stay the night at my cousins, etc.  It was never an option.  And because of the geography of it all, I am not as close with my family in Costa Rica as I would like to be.  Ad that isn’t anybody’s fault.  It’s just the way it is.  But it doesn’t take away one bit of love I have for them all.  So to know any of them are suffering is difficult to hear.  But I know my Grandmothers are in good hands.  And although Costa Rica is not the USA when it comes to medical care, there are far worse places to be.

I love my Grandmothers very much and I hope and pray that they get better very soon.

-Dave Q.

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