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I’m not a big fan of going to the doctor, but I came down with a cold over a week ago.  I got over the cold about Wednesday of last week, but the cough that accompanied it has remained.  And it is killing me.  It is really bad at night when I am trying to get some sleep.  My sleep habits aren’t great to begin with, so when you toss in the coughing factor, I’m just not getting any reasonable amount of quality sleep.  And of course I’m just yawning during the day.  I couldn’t even eat enough turkey over the Thanksgiving weekend to induce a cough-free coma.

This week I will be at an off-site training instead of going to the office.  Good thing because I’ve been coughing a lot at work.  And a co-worker likes to point out that I am not coughing in the government approved manner, which consists of coughing into your arm?  This whole time I’ve just been covering my mouth.  My bad.

I hope it’s not swine flu.  My coughs sound like traditional coughs.  Not oinks.  So I may be okay.

-Dave (cough) Q.

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  • I remember when I was in the army, we had the toughest drill sergeant in the world. He'd get right up next to your face and yell, and if you didn't have the right answers, mister, you'd be peeling potatoes or changing the latrine. Hey, wait. I wasn't in the army. Then who WAS that guy?!