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If you are anything like me, you probably have a junk email account.  An account that you use for those situations that demand an email address but that you don’t really have much interest in what they send you.  Well, I was going through my junk email account when I came across this.

I participated in a garage sale a couple of weekends ago.  And to help generate some traffic, I posted the garage sale on Craigslist.  So a couple of days ago I came across this gem in the old junk mailbox.  Was I sure I had to sell my “garage sale”?  Yes.  I was.  God I hate spammers.  But I hate spammers even more when they don’t even try.  I’m sure the article you wanted me to read was very compelling, Larissa (if that is your real name), but instead of me clicking on that link, how about you go to hell instead?  Sound good?

So if any spammers would like to email someone dumb enough to ask me if I really want to sell my “garage sale”, please email “Larissa” at  She would love to have some email sent her way.

-Dave Q.

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