So while running the bases between second and third on a pop up to Blue Jays third basemen Howie Clark, Alex Rodriguez of the Evil Empire (Yankees) shouts “Mine!” as he runs by. This causes Clark to think his teammate, shortstop John McDonald, is calling him off to make the play. The end result? The ball falls between the two Blue Jays and the Yankees end up winning the game. More controversy for A-Rod. Nothing new to this Jack-Ass.



I remember when this sort of thing was done on a regular basis. It was called Little League. And it actually still happens today, in beer league softball games. What kind of tool do you have to be to do something like this as a major leaguer? Then I remember A-Rod and his pathetic attempt to “slap” the ball out of the glove of Boston’s Bronson Arroyo a couple years back in the playoffs. A slap my 86 year-old grandmother called “gay”.

Glove Slap!

But I guess if you’ve been caught in the papers with another woman and your wife is probably talking to divorce lawyers right now, then what the baseball community thinks of you is the least of your problems.

-Dave Q.

One Response to “A-Rod = Bush League”

  • Pete Rose:

    No surprise whatsoever.

    Tony LaRussa drunk driving
    Wade Boggs philandering
    Josh Hancock’s drunk ftal driving wreck
    ubitiquous steroid use
    George Mitchell’s fraud at ESPN & steroid audit
    Bud Selig’s meaningfull inactions
    Steve Howe’s fatal car crash
    corked bats
    Mark McGwire’s cowardly act
    Dave Parker’s cocaine snorting

    Just another example of WWE-MLB. It is a steroid freak show.

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