So 2 weekends ago was the Miss Universe pageant. It was held in Mexico City. Miss USA had a rough time. She fell on her ass in front of millions of viewers. That was kind of funny. But I give the girl, Rachel Smith, some props. She recovered as nicely. Or at least as best as anyone could.

So on top of that, the classy audience, made up of mostly Mexicans, boos Miss USA. I ask you this question: Is anyone surprised? I find it amusing that millions of Mexicans who break United States laws to come to this country to “live the American dream” would boo Miss USA. But these are the same no class people who chanted “Osama” during a soccer match against the United States in February of 2004 in Mexico.

They hate us so much but they want in so bad. I wish the Mexican people would have some pride, rise up to their situation, and fix their country. Instead, they want to run over here and shove their traditions down our collective throats. I mean, how bad a shape is your country when your own government is trying to help you enter the U.S. illegally?


The Mexican government had a website containing all the information that is on the link above, but perhaps over too much international criticism, they took it down. But it was up long enough to record what they are telling their citizens. And what they are telling their citizens basically goes a little something like this: “Mexico sucks. Go to the US to work and send all the money you make illegally back to Mexico. This is all we can think of to help our economy. We are too busy being corrupt to think of anything else.”.

Things like this make me never want to step foot in Mexico. Any part of it. Not even Cancun. Or Cozumel. Or Cabo. It is an unbelievably corrupt place. I know the US government is far from perfect, but, come on! Have you seen “Man on Fire” ?

Man on Fire

Until the Mexican people grow the “cojones” to do something about their country, this problem won’t go away. Hopefully something is done before they jack up my country like they did theirs. But for now, I’m just going to buy this shirt.


Sad... but true.

-Dave Q.

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