So I went to a happy hour last night.  Which then turned into happy hours.  Having a good time, shooting pool, downing a few drinks, enjoying the company of friends, etc.  Everything you need to result in a good time!  Of course as you have a drink or two… or several more, the urge to relieve yourself hit you.  So after losing what was probably my 4th straight game of pool, to a girl, I decide it’s time to pay a visit to the men’s room.  As soon as I walk in there, I look over and think to myself, “dammit”.

I’m not a fan of bathroom attendants.  When I go to the restroom, I just want to take care of what I need to take care of and that’s that.  I don’t need anyone there to turn on the faucet for me and squirt soap in my hands.  And of course they do this and expect a tip for it.  Jeez.  Half the time I’m not even carrying cash.  When it comes to tipping a waitress or bar tender, I put it on my credit card.  I don’t want to have to ever plan for bathroom attendant tips.  I think I will boycott any bars that have bathroom attendants from here on out.  Am I the only one that is annoyed by these guys?  Do they have a female version in the ladies room??

This got me thinking about other annoying professions.  So I ranked my top 5:

  • Bathroom Attendants (still pretty freshly annoyed from last night)
  • TSA Employees (seems like they all have a chip on their shoulder)
  • Car Salesman (just back off and let me look at the car, will ya?)
  • Telemarketers (no need to explain)
  • Tech support that can’t speak English (these guys make me want to punch something)

I intentionally left out politicians since that is an obvious one and by default nobody likes those imbeciles.  Did I miss any?

-Dave Q.

4 Responses to “I really hate Bathroom Attendants.”

  • Shanna:

    oh boy! You would never last here. The bathrooms are disgusting almost everywhere and no one is quirting soap in your hands even in our fancy hotel, but you are tipping for everything. Suggested tipping: 10 rupees per bag for bell boy, 20-30 rupees for waiter, 50-100 for the driver per non-work trip, etc. 44 rupees = $1. So, I have lots of per diem left. Lunch at the cafeteria anyway is about 42 rupees. As you walk anywhere you have to say “good morning/evening/whatever” to at least 6 people before you make it to your destination. Talk about no inward shell allowed. I’m ready to be done.

  • Jan:

    I’ve never had a female bathroom attendant…they’re always male. I rarely go to places fancy enough to have bathroom attendants though. You must be a high roller.

  • They want a tip for watching you pee and pressing the soap squirter thing? Hah! That wouldn’t happen. I’m with you – I never carry cash either.

  • dimplz:

    Hello – Jehovah’s witnesses!!! And yes, it’s a profession :-P

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