Sometime last week Jon Lovitz kicked the crap out of Andy Dick at a comedy club. Apparently it stemmed from something Andy Dick said to Lovitz regarding the late Phil Hartman. You could read the story here if you want more details.

I’ve never liked Andy Dick. His 15 minutes expired a long time ago. The guy is so damn obnoxious and his antics can only be described as raunchy. What a douche bag. Now that I read he may have had an indirect role in Phil Hartman’s death, I only hope he gets what’s coming to him. I would just like him to do what his career did a long time ago: Disappear. Just go away, Andy Dick. Nobody likes you.

In case any of you don’t remember the SNL legend that was Phil Hartman, here is one of his classic SNL clips with Jon Lovitz. This ought to jog some memories. He also was the first on SNL to play Bill Clinton. Remember those days?

Phil Hartman & Jon Lovitz

At any rate, I have to think that Jon Lovitz has to feel bad. Apparently it is well documented among comedians that Andy Dick is a colossul jack-ass, but how could anyone be proud of beating up him up? Happy? Yes. But proud? I don’t think so. Most 9 year-olds could have done that. Andy Dick no doubt has the fighting skills of your average 87-year old woman. And the only “man” I can think of that would have probably enjoyed beating up someone as pathetic as Andy Dick is…. uhh….. Andy Dick! Ha! Imagine that? The irony.

By the way, Jon Lovitz has now made my heroes list. Along with Spider-Man and Scott Baio.

-Dave Q.

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