I’m running in the Beach to Bay relay marathon in May.  Should be a fun trip with some good friends to Corpus Christi.  Not exactly white sands and blue water down there, but it is…  um…  I got nothing.  I don’t think much of Corpus Christi.  It just happens to be where the race is, ok?  Get off my back.

Either I'm trying to warm up my hands, or I'm playing the harmonica.

Anyway, I’ve decided to participate in as many 5ks as I can before then in preparation for the run.  The way I figure, since I will do so many of them, I will have no choice but to be ready come May.  A solid plan.  So I decide to begin my string of 5k’s in March, since it would have warmed up significantly in San Antonio by then, and I happen to hate running in the cold.  Hate it!  So this morning when I woke up for my 5k, you could imagine my disgust when I saw that it was 35 degrees outside!  WTF?!?  March in San Antonio and it’s 35 freakin’ degrees?!?  Where is Al Gore when I need him.

I wasn’t a happy camper.  I couldn’t feel my hands while running.  Breathing in cold air sucks.  And I think a little kid passed me by.  But in a strange turn of events, I ended up getting 3rd place in my age group.  Weird.  Maybe I ran faster because I wanted to get it over with?  Or maybe I’m just a bad-ass.  Yeah, I’m guessing on the former, too.  Aside from the frigid temps, it was for a good cause and I’m glad I got to do it.  Even though it was freezing, it made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

So here’s hoping that my next few 5ks are in warmer weather.  All are for good causes, which only serves to motivate.  And then I’ll be doing the Warrior Dash, the Jailbreak, and possibly the Muddy Buddy.  When I’m not traveling this year, I will have plenty to do.  :)

-Dave Q.

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  • Jan:

    3rd place!? Maybe nobody else was crazy enough to get out in that weather… But seriously, congrats! I always try to find the smallest 5k’s and I’ve still never placed.

    Next time I see you, I’ll show you something cool you can do with your hands like that.*

    *I think that statement sounds very dirty, so I should clarify that it’s a G-rated thing.

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