Give me a freakin’ break! A bunch of teachers got offended because of this? This??!? Please. How many other careers, jobs, industries, public servants, etc., have been parodied over the years? Police Officers. Doctors. Lumberjacks. Politicians. Florists. Cable TV Repair Men. Hamburger Flippers. I don’t recall a huge stink being raised by any of those unions.

If anything, teachers should take this as a compliment. Their profession is represented with a hot girl! If it was Rosie O’Donnell, then they should be upset.

So Carl’s Jr. caved in and removed the ad. Thank you, teachers. Way to encourage free speech. I better not find any of the many teachers I know watching Saturday Night Live. All those parodies would no doubt offend them.

-Dave Q.

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  • My parents used to abandon me a lot as a child. In the morning, they'd take me to my school and then abandon me there, until school got out. Then at night, after they tucked me in bed, they'd abandon me and go to sleep in their own bedroom. Sometimes they'd let me sleep with them in their room, but if I started playing my guitar they'd take me back to my bedroom and abandon me again. Once, they abandoned me for a whole week, at my grandparents' house.