In the past week, Southwest Airlines has forced two young, attractive female passengers to cover themselves during their flights because someone complained about the way they were dressed. Read all about it right here. Wow. What is the world coming to? I’ll admit their attire was easy on the eyes, but come on. Do you really think they were dressed that provocatively? I don’t either.

You know some insecure women traveling with their husbands are the ones who complained to the flight attendants when they busted their men scoping out the hot girl. Instead of taking it out on the poor, ditzy, college girl (one of them works at Hooters, big shocker!), try dressing nicer! Do some situps! That’s one way to keep your man’s attention. One of these girls was going out of state to see a doctor. No doubt a plastic surgeon (boobs). Instead of getting a flight attendant to get her to cover up, maybe ask for her doctor’s contact number! Stop hatin’!

I have no choice but to boycott Southwest Airlines. Way to go, Southwest! For as uncomfortable as airline travel is to begin with, you go and take it a step further by killing the morale of male passengers by taking away any significant eye candy. Why don’t you put put pine cones in our seat cushions while you’re at it?!?

Truth be told, I see that kind of attire on girls all the time. Unfortunatley, the girls I see don’t look like Kyla Ebbert and Setara Qassim. Now that’s the time people should be complaining! When a girl wears something that should be outlawed for their body type! Can anyone say “double-standard”? If I ever have to fly Southwest Airlines again, I guarantee you I will be looking for the chubby girl exposing her less than perfect abs and complain. Because I have always found that offensive. And repulsive. And gross.

-Dave Q.

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