Today is Sysadmin Day. A day for everyone from all aspects of IT to get some props for a job well done. So far today I have gotten one ‘thank you’. I guess most of the population is still in the dark regarding this glorious worldwide holiday. Not a problem. I’m not going to hold a grudge. However, I can tell you the problems the people in my building will suddenly have when trying to login after lunch is in no way related. :)

Anyway, to all my IT brothers and sisters out there, I wish you all a Happy Sysadmin Day. And by all means, spread the word. Maybe in the future we can come in to work on this day and be showered with gifts, desserts, and all kinds of crazy love. If not, then we will just disable their user logins.

Time for lunch…

-Dave Q.

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  • If someone told me it wasn't "fashionable" to talk about freedom, I think I'd just have to look him square in the eye and say, "Okay, YOU TELL ME what's "fashionable." But he won't. And you know why? Because you can't ask someone what's fashionable in a smart-alecky way like that. You have to be friendly and say, "By the way, what's fashionable?"