I know earlier this week some jackass hacked into Sarah Palin’s personal email.  I hope it was worth the jail time, buddy.  Anyway, looks like the same thing now happened to Obama.  Damn these ever-so-clever hackers.  Click on the image to enlarge.

I love the email exchange between Obama and Cheney.  Looks legit to me.  :)

-Dave Q.

3 Responses to “Obama’s email hacked, too.”

  • Kali:

    They should do jail time for that crap. I say Riker’s Island. 10 years. No TV.

    Once I was getting hate mail from some freak with a gmail address so I posted a listing on Craigslist that looked like this:

    Gmail Hacker Needed!!

    Little did I know that it is NOT legal to hack into a Gmail account. I was given “a warning”. Hey,what do I know?

  • Mike:

    HAHAHA! That’s awesome!

  • Thanks for the comment on my blog and for the prayers for my grandrather and my dog. They are much appreciated!

    And…this post gave me the first good laugh I’ve had in a few days!! Seriously…I have tears rolling down my face! :)

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