I am being hunted.

For the last 3 nights, I have been terrorized.  Every morning when I get, I am finding a new mosquito bite.  I know it’s a flippin’ mosquito because I’ve seen it buzzing around.  But when I try to kill it, I lose sight of it.  She’s a smart one, she is.

I Googled the lifespan of a mosquito.  This thing apparently can live up to 100 days.  All it needs is a stable foodsource, and well, that’s me.  I’ve tried to go Elmer Fudd on it, but no luck.  It’s hiding well.  I feel like it’s studying my every move.  And it definitely know the layout of the house by now.  I have to face facts:  I need to outsmart it.  Damn.

I called my Mom and she told me to put out a dish with water and dishsoap.  I’m not sure what this is going to do.  Do they drink it and die?  Bathe?  I don’t know.

Anyway, I just need my roommate to come back from his out of town trip.  Once he’s back, hopefully the mosquito will turn on him.  And I have no doubt that he won’t rest until he kills it.  I, on the other hand, am ready to hit the sack.   So, hopefully the mosquito doesn’t feel like snacking tonight.

but if you’re keepiing score, Mosquito 4, Dave Q. 0.  But if I kill it tonight, it will be worth 5 points. :)

-Dave Q.

7 Responses to “Me vs. The Mosquito”

  • <>

    I love that you assumed that such an intelligent mosquito must be female.

    Or did you just assume that because she’s a pestering pain in the ass?

    I guess this could go either way, so I won’t give you credit just yet.

  • I happen on your site and had a good laugh. :) thanks for sharing your thoughts on the mosquito I hope you win.. I hate those suckers.

  • The water and dish soap is a way to kill them when they are going to breed, since Mosquitos use calm bodies of water to lay their eggs. It should at least not allow “her” to multiply. For the meantime just be girly and wear skin so soft or OFF which contains a repellant. Alternately, you could always just get a bug zapper. They work wonders. =) OR since it’s a tropical insect put air up and drop the temperature into at least the 60’s for a day or so.

  • Kari:

    I think only female mesquitos drink blood. They are attracted to natural body odor. Use Aloe Vera or scented lotion to cover it up.

  • Dave Q.:

    Wow. How do you guys know so much about this stuff? I must have missed that day of school when they taught mosquito combat.

    And as for what Ms. Florida Trasnplant mentioned, I guess it’s a little of both. :)

  • Mike:

    These might be the most annoying creatures in the world. When they get right up by your ear and whine, it drives me crazier than pretty much anything. Hopefully you take it out, though. I’m a tad on the redneck side, so I’m definitely going with whoever mentioned the bug zapper. :)

  • Olga:

    I love that even when I’m going through crappy times on my end, I can always read your blog and have a good laugh. You’re the best brother ever! I don’t think I tell you that enough…so you should be set for at least a year or two. Love ya! :)

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