I went to the Spurs-Suns game on Wednesday night.  Unfortunately, the Spurs lost. :(   But instead of dwelling on the loss, I try to take something positive out of it.  Lucky for me it is close to Halloween!

The Spurs dance team, the Silver Dancers, decided to bust a move to the Ghostbusters theme song.  So, in the Halloween spirit, they decided to go the naughty route.  I took the above video, but it doesn’t do it justice.  Towards the end of it I tried to get a better shot from the jumbo tron.  Anyway, they looked pretty damn good.  I saw a Genie, a Nurse, a Cowgirl, etc.  They pretty much went through the entire Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog.

Although I was all for it, I was a little surprised of all that naughty attire in a family-friendly environment.  But, oh well.  That’s their problem.  All I know is that I have to support my team, no matter how naked their dance team wants to get. :)

Anyway, Happy Halloween to all of you.  Don’t eat too much candy…

-Dave Q.

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