There is a pond in San Francisco (leave it to the hippies) that is the home of man-eating frogs. No joke! Environmentalists aren’t sure how the African clawed frogs got there, but they are apparently eating turtles, fish, and small children! Well, maybe not small children…. yet!

Man Eating Frog!  Ahhhhhhhh!!!!

The frogs can grow up to 5 inches in length. Park officials have caught and destroyed over 2000 of them in recent years, but they keep coming back. They are now wanting to drain the pond and terminate them once and for all.

The latest news has them going cannibalistic. So basically after they eat everything in sight, they turn on each other! I say let them eat each other. That would solve the problem until you have one left. Granted, it will be a huge mutated man-eating frog by then. Then what do you do? Send in Arnold the Governator! Can you see it now? Ah-nuld vs. the giant mutant frog to save San Francisco?!!? That spells BLOCKBUSTER on the silver screen! I’ll get started on the script…

-Dave Q.

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