Last night I was playing some pretty solid defense in the outfield.  And since it was the last game of the season, I asked to play an inning at shortstop.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, God doesn’t want me to play shortstop.  Ever.

It was a funky play.  Nothing cool about it.  I was basically taking a relay throw back from the outfield.  The throw bounced just short of me and came up and drilled me in the right middle finger.  I picked up the ball, threw it back in, and then looked at my hand where I found blood everywhere (my friends told me there was a trail of blood leading to the bathroom).

I thought the extent of the injury was that the nail on my finger got pushed up by the ball.  So at worst, I figured, I would just be losing the nail.  But the wound never stopped bleeding.  So I went to the doctor this morning and the found that the reason the nail on the finger was being pushed up was that a bone in my finger broke and was forcing the nail up.  Sucks, don’t it?

Here’s one of the x-rays in case any of you know how to read one.

Anyway, I have an appointment tomorrow with a hand surgeon.  I’m hoping surgery can be avoided, but I just don’t know.  If they have to cut my finger open, then I can kiss my dreams of being a hand model good-bye.  :(


Surgery was successful.  Typing will be difficult, though.  I wish I had some voice recognition software for this.  But anyway, my finger is numb and I have some vicodin waiting on stand-by.

17 Responses to “The not so “soft” side of softball.”

  • Mike:

    AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! That hurts me just looking at it!!! I seriously cringed and gasped out loud when I saw that. I’m sorry, man! I gotta say, though… that’s some dedication, throwing the ball back in and all. I probably would’ve just puked right there in the middle of everyone if that happened to me.

    By the way, I noticed the facial hair. Congrats on keeping up with it for… um… however many days it’s been now.

  • Olga:

    Well, don’t forget: you have a brother-in-law going through x-ray tech school who can probably explain it to ya! He just explained it to me! :)

  • You go to an awful lot of trouble just to be able to give your readers the finger!

    Pobrecito, it looks painful. Perhaps you should sleep with oven mitts like George Costanza.

  • Oh my gosh! OUCH. That is seriously disgusting.

    Let us know how it goes with the surgeon. I would hate for you to have to be without your right hand for too long.

  • Dave Q.:

    @Mike The no shaving thing is killing me.

    @Olga Tell him to explain it to me as if he were explaining it to a 6 year old. Maybe I will understand it then.

    @Dimplz Only a Jersey girl will focus on giving the finger. :)

    @Transplant You and me both! Wait… are you implying something?

  • Oh no you DI’NT…hisssssss

  • I made a post just for you. Don’t say I never did nothing for ya!

  • Ew ew ew! Gross! My finger is having phantom pains in it by just looking at those pictures! And it’s too bad b/c you do have very nice looking hands. They would be perfect for hand modeling. :)

  • Omg, that looks horrible. I cringed just looking at it. I hope it gets better soon!

  • J:

    Jesus – you’re much more dedicate to your softball team than I ever was. I refused to go nead the ball if I thought I might break a nail…let alone a finger!!!

    And Ms. Florida’s right – being with out that right hand could put a damper on your…err…social activities ;)

  • Oh no! That’s awful! (And gross–thanks for the photos of that, by the way :) . Are you in pain? I broke my finger playing volleyball once. It was miserable.

  • Mami:

    Cielo mio! Como le fue a suceder eso? Cuanto desearia que me hubiese sucedido a mi y no a usted. Get well soon. Love you amor.

  • Sana colita, colita de rana, si no sana hoy sanara manana.

    Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well!

  • I was trying to be discrete, lol. :)

  • Neal:

    Basically, you broke the tip of bone off. You obviously hit it pretty dang hard because you basically drove the tip of your finger underneath the rest of your bone, which turned your nail up. And, to be technical, that bone is called Phalanax.

  • I referenced your gorgeous phalanax in my latest post.

  • aww hope your finger heals up soon!

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