So softball season began last night.  Obviously, I didn’t play.  But the new Softball Inc. team won both games!  I’d say this is cause for celebration!

Do yourself a favor, and watch the above video until the very end.  It will be worth it.  Trust me. :)

Now I know what you’re thinking.  That they won both games last night because I wasn’t playing.  That may very well be true.  But winning without me playing is just boring.  You’ll just have to believe me on this.  But I do want to thank the well wishers regarding my injury.  The finger is on the mend.  I’ll be flippin’ the bird in no time.

One cool thing about this team is that the jerseys being made will have names on the back that will be character names from the movie “Top Gun”.  You follow?  Hopefully the jerseys will be ready next week and some pics can be posted.  Stay tuned.

-Dave Q.

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