Early Friday morning (just happened to be Friday the 13th), a small pizza parlor near my neighborhood went up in flames.  A moment of silence for Pizza Italia please…  :(

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Damn I loved the food there.  It was a place to hit after a softball game.  And I had them on speed dial when I wanted a pizza delivered.  Dominos and Pizza Hut can suck it.  Pizza Italia was some awesome stuff!  And they had the best damn wings, too.  (sigh)…

I hope they rebuild.  The damage was pretty extensive.  In some cases, a total loss was reported.  But I have faith that Pizza Italia will rise again.

On a side note, my roommate hated Pizza Italia.  It was too complex for him (his thing is a simple pepperoni pizza from Little Ceasar’s).  So I have to question where he was at approximately 4am last Friday.  And whether or not he had lighter fluid and matches on him.  I’m just saying.

-Dave Q.

5 Responses to “I will miss you dearly, Pizza Italia.”

  • No pizza is better than pizza in Brooklyn.

    I wonder if the fire smelled like pizza.

  • Kari:

    Pizza Italia was awesome!! Loved it! The memories after softball games will stay with me forever. You missed the few times we would kareoke to the jukebox. That back room was the teams personal spot.

  • damn. reminds me of Do the Right Thing.

  • Mike:

    It’s usually the smaller restaurants that are the best kept secrets. We had one down home that we used to order from every week. Now I live in STL and have yet to find another one like it. :(

  • I’ve never had Pizza Italia obviously but I do admit that I love Little Ceasar’s. I wish they had one by me. Now I’m starving…

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