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So in Europe, they have Burger King.  And therefore they have the Whopper.  Not to be mistaken with the Royale with cheese.  :)   Anyway, so they are promoting a new Whopper over there called “the Texican”.  Get it?  Me niether.  Just watch the video.

So this has Mexicans everywhere furious.  I’m not sure why.  They should be flattered that Europeans obviously dig the Texican.  Are they mad at the stereotype?  That maybe Mexicans are short?  I don’t see any Texans all huffing and puffing because Eruos think all Texans are cowboys.

My official advice to all pissed off Mexicans is simple.  STFU!  You are the same ones that told Americans to take a chill pill when Absolut vodka had that bullshit magazine ad implying that in a perfect world a big chunk of the U.S. would still belong to Mexico.  So, please.  Spare us.

For what it’s worth, I personally do not assume all Mexicans are masked, midget wrestlers.  There are actually some pretty hot Mexican females over there!  Sad thing is to have a shot with them, you need to be a masked wrestler.  Not necessarily a short one, though.  But the mask plays…

-Dave Q.

Let me first start by saying it was a damn good game.  I was pulling for the Cardinals, but I’ve always liked the Steelers.  So it wasn’t too bad.  An all around good game.  Too bad there had to be a loser.  Moving on…

So how about those commercials?  Not too bad.  There were some stupid ones, but I won’t waste time with those.  What I will waste time with are these.  Since I liked them.  So you probably did too.  :)

If you’re an SNL fan, you appreciated this one.  MacGruber and MacGyver together?  Brilliant!

Doritos can send clothes flying off women?  I’m buying a bag tomorrow.

Good commercial.  I want an Audi.  Will getting one make me that good a driver?

This was just a funny commercial!  Punching out the Koala was awesome!

Overall, the commercials this year were decent.  There were a couple of years where the commercials were flat out lousy.  I hope people got fired for those.  Like the mechanics with the Snicker’s bar?  Remember that one?  Sorry to remind you.  Misery loves company.

-Dave Q.

This is from This may be the inspiration for Will Ferrell’s commercial that came out during Super Bowl promoting his film ‘Semi-Pro’. The biggest difference between Will Ferrell’s commercial and this one is that this one may be funnier. Actually, that is a fact. It’s way funnier! Is that proper English?

Thanks to Bobby for sending this my way!

-Dave Q.

If you are a fan of the Super Bowl commercials more than the game itself, then I hope you got to see Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon in a commercial for Bud Light. As funny as it was, the extended commercial is even funnier! You can thank me later.

There wasn’t much doubt I would see this movie when it comes out. But a quick glimpse of Will Ferrell at his best has me all geared up for Semi-Pro.

-Dave Q.

I’ve got to give Burger King some props. This whole “whopper freakout” promotion they are doing is pure genius. I myself haven’t had a Whopper in years, but I do remember that it was a good burger. Now I’m craving one. But maybe that’s because I didn’t eat dinner last night. Where the hell is there a Burger King in this town? Anyone know?

Here is a bigger production of the Freakout. Check out the details of some of these reactions. Funny stuff.

But even funnier than that is these guys. My friend Kari sent this to me. Whopper Freakout (Ghetto Version).

I need me a motherf&*&@% Whopper! Now!

-Dave Q.


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