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It’s Friday.  And I’m off of work. :)   I actually had to take the dogs to the vet, so it wasn’t completely a day of doing nothing.  And now I’m doing laundry.  But I came across this classic Bugs Bunny cartoon that always makes me smile.  Reminds me of my Dad.  Long story.

Coincidentally, I’ve been to Seville.  Didn’t see any rabbits.  Or bunnies for that matter.

-Dave Q.

When I found this, I thought it was kind of weird. But who else would you rather have a staring contest with? Dick Cheney??

-Dave Q.

This is from This may be the inspiration for Will Ferrell’s commercial that came out during Super Bowl promoting his film ‘Semi-Pro’. The biggest difference between Will Ferrell’s commercial and this one is that this one may be funnier. Actually, that is a fact. It’s way funnier! Is that proper English?

Thanks to Bobby for sending this my way!

-Dave Q.

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  • I think the things you remember most are the little things, like that little space guy I kept tied up down in the basement. That little guy was only about five inches tall! He used to beg me to untie his rope, but I knew he'd just run away if I did. I think the cat finally got him, but the cat had little burn marks on him, from where the space guy shot him with his little gun, before his ammo ran out. I remember things like that.