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Well folks, I am heading out of town again. This time to Costa Rica to attend my cousin’s wedding. It’s supposed to be a surprise and I know that none of my family down there knows that this blog exists, so I don’t have any worries that my surprise may be blown.

My Spanish isn’t the greatest. In fact, it is straight up shameful. So it’s always a challenge when I visit family there, since so few of them speak any English. But I will do my best since I am the guest and I can’t imagine going to a foreign land and expecting them to speak my language. Whoa! Don’t want to get going on that topic!

I’ll be back on Monday. Hopefully I can get some good pics and post them in the photo gallery. Peace!

-Dave Q.

Playoff basketball and baseball in full swing. I love it! And in the last week, 2 things have made me love it more. The elimination of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks! Seriously, after Golden State bitch slapped the Mavs, I needed a cigarette. It was faaaaaaaaaaaantastic!

Someone is in the closet maybe?

I really don’t have anything against the Mavericks. I just can’t take their owner, Mark Cuban. The guy is ridiculous. I just can’t figure him out. He’s a fan who owns his own basketball team. What fan wouldn’t envy that? But it’s like he wants to be one of the guys so much that it’s almost painful to watch. I mean, who do you think came up with the promo below? And you can almost bet that the Maverick players rolled their eyes when they heard his idea. “Um…, you want us to do what?”.

I will say that I’ve gained a tremendous amount of respect for Baron Davis. That guy single handedly beat the Mavs. All heart! Maybe Dirk Nowitzki can give Baron Davis a call and ask him what being a leader on his team is all about. It was clear Dirk had no clue how to do that. And how can you not like Baron Davis? The guy takes time to work a McDonald’s drive thru! :)

Well, I hope the NBA playoffs finish with another championship in San Antonio. And that the Braves can pull off a stunner and get back in the baseball playoffs. A simple formula for summer bliss: Spurs + Braves + Winning = Happy David. Who wouldn’t want that?

-Dave Q.

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