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Come on, Eva. Say it ain’t so.

Alicia Silverstone. Kim Basinger. Christine Applegate. Pamela Anderson. These four has beens top the list of celebrities that have done ads for PETA, the bullshit organization that values the lives of animals more than human life. In these ads, the celebrity appears nude saying something like “fur isn’t cool” or something to that effect. Well, they finally got a celebrity in the prime of her career to get naked. Even better, someone you want to see naked. This sucks big time, since I really, really like her. I just didn’t realize she was into domestic terrorism.

So here is the ad that super hot Eva Mendes came out in today in New York City. Nice…. uh… back. :) Now before you go and start writing thank you letters to PETA, realize that this group is not all cute and cuddly like the baby seals they are protecting. PETA is in reality a pretty sick group. Check out what, of all people, Penn and Teller find out about the magical group that is PETA right here.

Based on that information, if you have pets, you are in violation of what PETA is trying to do. And the funniest thing about this is that pet owners are probably their biggest supporters! Kind of reminds me of a bit they did on “The Man Show”, where they were getting women to sign a petition to end women’s suffrage. Women left and right were signing this petition, not realizing that women’s suffrage is the right for women to vote. But we all knew that, right? So pet owners naturally think that supporting PETA is a good thing. Moral of the story, do your research.

If you don’t like watching videos, or don’t like Penn & Teller, then go to Pretty shocking stuff in there. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals? Nope. Not really.

-Dave Q.

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