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Joe Horn, Houston resident and not Atlanta Falcons wide receiver, shot and killed two people who were burglarizing his neighbors home. And he did all this while on the phone with 911. He called them to report the burglary and then decided to take matters into his own hands when the burglars tried to leave with a bag of goods.

If you heard the 911 call, then you heard that both the burglars happen to be black. Well, apparently that makes it a racial issue. In steps in some Jesse Jackson wannabe that calls himself Quannel X. He and his friends with the New Black Panthers announce that they will be paying a visit to the residence of Joe Horn on Sunday. Well, some 500 supporters of Joe Horn were there to greet him. They pretty much shouted him down with USA chants. He and the Black Panthers basically left with their tales between their legs. Ha! Get it? Panthers have tails.

I think we as Americans have the right to protect our property. And I believe in the 2nd Amendment. And I don’t like burglars. So I am siding with Joe Horn on all this. Under Texas law, it appears that he was within his legal right, although he may face charges of some kind. With all that being said, I wouldn’t mind Joe Horn being my neighbor and watching out for me.

As for Quannel X. Well, I really don’t know. I Googled him and didn’t get anything but that most people think he’s an “Ass-Clown”. So what I do know about Quannel X is that he is the one making this whole Joe Horn shooting incident about race. And that and he’s not as funny as Nat X, as played by Chris Rock on Saturday Night Live.

So there you go. Nat X interviewing Jesse Jackson. A Quannel X wet dream. Sleep well, Quannel.

-Dave Q.

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