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Remember the New Kids on the Block?  Yeah, unfortunately, me too.  Well, apparently they are planning a comeback.  Seriously.  Although, I can’t say I blame them.  They obviously hear all the crappy music that is on the radio right now and think ‘Hey!  We can do that!’.  Good luck gents.  Should at least be easy money from the curious.  You know the type, the ones that can’t look away from a gruesome train wreck.

These guys made me miserable 20 years ago. I have two sisters that adored these “singing sensations”.  They would listen to them non-stop at a high volume, which naturally drove me to suicidal thoughts.  And then there were the posters.  And possibly some t-shirts, but I can’t be certain.  I guess I blocked that out.  You know.   Trauma.

Anyway, I’m sure my sisters will be scouring to get a deal when the NKOTB tour hits their area.  Until then, they will just have to HANG TOUGH.  Ha!  Get it?  ‘Hang Tough’?  It was one of their songs I think.  Aww to hell with you.

-Dave Q.

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  • Many people do not realize that the snowshoe can be used for a great many things besides walking on snow. For instance, it can be used to carry pancakes from the stove to the breakfast table. Also, it can be used to carry uneaten pancakes from the table to the garbage. Finally, it can be used as a kind of strainer, where you force pancakes through the strings to see if a piece of gold got in a pancake somehow.