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I’m pretty sure we have all seen this ad by now. And if you haven’t, here’s the 2 cent summary: Absolut Vodka put out the above ad with the intention of running it only in Mexico. They didn’t expect it to reach the U.S. and piss off patriotic Americans everywhere. I guess they’ve never heard of the internet, huh? Anyway, good thing I’m not a big drinker, but if I was, I would boycott their vodka. Why am I going to support a company that in their idea of a perfect world would be giving half of the geographical U.S. to Mexico? Screw ‘em.

And as for Mexico, our southern neighbors who hate our American government and laws but love our American currency, may I just say, ‘grow up’. You want to get mad at us because your ancestors lost a war in 1848 and signed an agreement that made that land property of the U.S.? America shouldn’t be the target of your anger. It should be your government that you are pissed off with. And since you would rather come over here illegally than to stand up for your rights and fix your government, then it sounds like you should be even more pissed off at yourselves. So stop bitching and whining about the past and for God’s sake do something about your future.

By the way, isn’t Absolut a Swedish company? What the hell do they know about vodka, anyway? Gotta trust the Russians on that front. I at least hope the Smirnoff people don’t have their heads up their collective asses like thse guys.

-Dave Q.

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