For the record, anyone out there can produce a video like this about any team in the NBA. It’s just part of the game. I am forced to post this because of the nauseating love affair the media and basketball world is having with the Phoenix Suns right now and showing the Spurs as villains.

You shouldn’t be surprised. It’s playoff basketball. And the Suns are doing what they need to do to win. Until a ref blows a whistle to stop it, why should they? But like I said, anyone out there can make a video showing the Spurs doing some acting jobs and committing hard fouls. So that’s that. Hopefully the series ends tonight.

-Dave Q.

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  • Troy:

    I just found your blog via tag surfer, and thanks for posting this! I much like you am tired of all of this “the Spurs are dirty” BS. Dirty play doesn’t win you titles, and the Spurs have won their share over the past 8 years, and are on their way to another this season if they can keep it up. This “dirty play” is getting blown out of proportion and as the injuries to Steve Nash boil up, it will just get worse.

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