I already can’t stand Hillary Clinton. For whatever reason, whether it’s her political stances, her annoying voice, or just her monumental bitch persona, I just don’t like the dude woman. If there is one sure fire way to guarantee that I don’t vote Demorcat in 2008, it’s having this broad as the candidate.


So you can now add another reason why I can’t stand Hillary Clinton. Are you ready for this one? Apparently, girls are starting to find her attractive. Or at least this one does in this Hot 4 Hill video below. This is immediate cause for concern, since this girl doesn’t look too bad. I mean, if anyone women are going to be attracted to Hillary Clinton, shouldn’t they, you know, be butch like Hillary?

I don’t recognize the girl in the video, but apparently she is somewhat of a celebrity. Her name is Taryn Southern, an American Idol reject from a couple of years ago. It looks like she really digs Hillary. And at the same time she must hate men. And also children. Or at least I assume she hates children by putting them in this video and subjecting them to this political garbage. I mean, come on. The little kids are singing for Hillary. Oh! How adorable! They love her! We must make her our leader! Give me a break.

So yes, I despise Hillary Clinton. More so now than ever. How dare she start attracting decent looking girls! You know, I don’t know of any man that finds Hillary Clinton attractive. And that includes Bill. Do you really think Bill is attracted to this? Well, then again, he did get it on with Monica Lewinski. It’s like Bill is playing Dr Seuss. Except that Dr. Seuss’ version of Thing 1 and Thing 2 didn’t give a grown man nightmares.

Thing 1 Thing 2

I remember when I was in high school and Clinton was in his first term as President. Sometime during the second year of that term, my Mom got a new dog. It was a small, beagle like dog they she named “Maggie”. Well, my Dad has never called it by her name. Instead, he calls her “Hillary”. And he still does today. That’s a true story. And a wise man.

-Dave Q.

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