In case you don’t know, the young lady pictured below is Allison Stokke.  She’s not ugly.

I know last summer this girl became an internet sensation because of the above picture. But for whatever reason, I missed it. So I feel the need here to just throw my admiration into the fray. As seen here, the pole vaulter from California is calmly adjusting her hair before her turn in a competition. I understand she is still vaulting poles at one of the fine California universities.

Anyway, the reason I brought her up is that this is an Olympic year. And although she looks good, I don’t know if she’s any good at pole vaulting. For all I know, she may be terrible. But what if she turns out to be great? Can you imagine how famous she will become? How popular the track & field events will be the summer she becomes an Olympian? How NBC’s Olympic coverage ratings will go through the roof? It will be like the whole beach volleyball thing all over again. That, my friends, will make the Olympics interesting. To be honest, women’s beach volleyball is the only reason I would tune in to the Olympics.

Anyway, I know that the possibility of Allison Stokke representing the Unites States is a few years away. But it’s still fun to think about. Makes me even happier that we live in the era of HD T.V.

-Dave Q.

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