While in Dallas this weekend, I got to catch the Cowboys-Redskins game.  I know that this is the last year for the Cowgirls Cowboys at Texas Stadium.  All I can say is, it’s about time.  That place is a dump.  Compared to Reliant stadium in Houston, Texas Stadium is ridiculously outdated. So maybe a future Dallas home game will be more impressive.

I know that Jerry Jones and the media love to tout the Cowboys as America’s team.  While most of America would dispute that, I do know of one country that is all theirs.  That would be our neighbor in the south, Mexico.  I saw a ton of Spanish signs like “Viva los Cowboys”, and “Cowboys Numero Uno!”.  Now just because a hispanic person is wearing a Cowboys jersey doesn’t mean they are Mexican, but I’m going to base this theory on geography.  I wish I had taken a pic of the guy wearing a Cowboys jersey that said, “Vaqueros”.

Anyway, it’s no secret that I’m no Cowboys fan.  I just can’t force myself to root for a team with such great role models like Terrell Owens, Pac-Man Jones, Tank Johnson, etc.  So when the group I was with (all Cowboys fans) decided to put a pot together for guessing the final score, I was the only one that picked the Redskins.  So not only did I enjoy seeing the Cowboys lose, I got $50 out of it.  You know what I call that?  A good weekend. :)

By the way, my final score prediction was Redskins 27, Cowboys 24.  I was off by one point.

-Dave Q.

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