Hillary Clinton is a phony. No shocker there. And that goes for Barack Obama as well. And all politicians for that matter. It’s part of their job to deceive. It’s instinct to them. Kind of like salmon swimming up river. So I wasn’t surprised when it came up that Hillary was in Alabama speaking at a black church with a thick southern accent. Isn’t this lady from Illinois? I mean, before she claimed to be a New Yorker?

Leave it to Fox News to point this out and put it on the air. They are very biased to the conservative base just like CNN is to the liberals. That being said, I get my news from the only news source I can trust. That’s right. The Weekend Update on SNL. Or online at www.theonion.com.

Anyway, I am amazed at how quickly all these candidates have come out of the shoot. The election isn’t until 2008. Yet here we are. At least it provides for some entertainment. Tuning into Saturday Night Live during Presidential election season is priceless. May the least corrupt candidate win.

-Dave Q.

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    I am on the other side of the political spectrum, as I am reading about the differing viewpoints of each major candidate. My wife gets on me about bias, so I read almost everyone’s book. I don’t like what Fox does, as some people (sorry, but most people) don’t realize how they skew reporting. Whatever happened to unbiased reporting, where the reporter just went for the jugular and exposed the story? Get active in politics folks, these nutbags (yes, I’m talking about my old govenor) may just help run our country (into the ground) one day….

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    I really have no clue on where to get unbiased reporting from. I doubt it exists anymore. Or maybe it never did.

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