So I’m hoping that Obama’s stimulus bill does what it’s supposed to do.  The country is hurting and we need this to work.  But what concerns me is our national debt.  It is reaching numbers that are hard to comprehend.  I mean, over 10 trillion?  That’s a lot of dough.

Change I can believe in.

I have an idea for paying that off.  Or at least to try and make a dent into it.  With all the money that Obama raised for his campaign, why not do that again?  I think he should just go on tv, tell the American people what website to visit to donate, and then let her rip!  The guy can be very persuading.  If he can convince the American people to pony up some cash, then we can start reducing this debt in no time.  And with his popularity all over the world, don’t be surprised when we see some Euros or Yen in the mix bag of donations.  Bottom line is, with some enthusiasm and the twinkle of Obama’s smile, we could get this done in a few months.

I think it would be worth a shot.  However, I won’t be contributing.  I mean, come on.  It was my idea.  :)

-Dave Q.

8 Responses to “My idea to solve the national debt.”

  • I think we should just send the IRS to audit all the members of Congress and get them to pay all their delinquent taxes. That might pay things off, too.

  • Mike:

    Haha… I’m not THAT easily persuaded… :)

  • Brian Sprayberry:

    Sour grapes… Sour grapes…

    Do you intend to be bitter the entire 8 years or just until these new policies start working in your favor?

  • @Brian

    Sooooo… does that mean you’re not gonna donate?

  • Brian Sprayberry:

    Well I didn’t donate when he was running so why ruin a good thing.

    On that note, how awesome would it be if we, as taxpayers, could vote on where our tax money goes? I know this was an illogical concept in the past but with technology being what it is today, do we really need government representatives anymore?

  • Eric:

    You do realize that the national debt is almost 40000 per citizen right? were not gonna pony up that much each, especially when some of it is owed to us

  • Dave Q.:

    True. I guess I meant it more as a joke. :)

  • Jasmine Non-Ya:


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